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Developmental Biology: Preliminary results about the creation of pluripotent (able to differentiate into lots of different cell types) stem cells from mature cells in a mouse.


Genetics: Need more practice with all sorts of genetics problems? MIT's SatrGenetics program will provide you with more than you ever dreamed of!


Genetics: NYT article about new research into X-inactivation. This is a great example of new findings leading to more fascinating questions.


On-Line Biology course by one of my favorite Bio lecturers, Eric Lander of MITand his colleagues, including Maddie Jacks's Dad. Open course-ware includes video lectures, reading assignments, quizzes, etc. This is a real University course! Check it out!!


Photosynthesis: Crash Course Photosynthesis with Hank Green, the same guy from the SciShow. Definitely worth 13:53.


General Interest: Crash Course Biology with Hank Green - a series of short videos with the fast-talking host of the Sci Show. These are excellent adjuncts to your reading and other resources. Be careful not to rely solely on this information in your studying for AP Biology.


Ecology: Cool naturalist blog entry about a really adaptive gray squirrel behavior.


General Interest: Science info vignettes in the SCi Show from a fast-talking and entertaining bona fide geek. Everything from rogue waves to narwhals to epigenetic. Clips are short - less than 5 minutes - and fun.


Cells: Animation and explanation of HPV infection and the development of cervical cancer


Science Generally: Mr. Hamel has kindly allowed us access to the very cool document he wrote about how (and why) to graph using Excel.


Biochemistry and Cells TED Ed talk about the living cell "factory"


Cells Fascinating animation of the interior workings of a cell from Harvard University. Take a look at the explanation and see what you can understand.


Biochemistry from The Onion


General Interest Planthopper nymph geared to Jump - first instance of gears in nature. Thanks, Daniella, for the heads up.


Ecology Inspirational TED talk about biomimicry. Kick back and just enjoy the wonder.


Ecology Camouflage craziness! 


Ecology TED talk about ecological changes in Yellowston NP since the re-introduction of wolves in 1995. Awesome ecology!


Exam Prep Open-Response questions from previous AP Biology exams. This site includes scoring guidelines (i.e. what the college board is looking for in the answers) and comments about those answers. There are lots of questions on all manner of topics and question styles.


General Information and Review Great website for all things AP Bio. This is a great way to reinforce what you have read in the textbook.


Biochemistry Clear and to-the-point explanation of lipids: http://www.bozemanscience.com/lipids

Biochemistry Clear and to-the-point explanation of carbohydrates: http://www.bozemanscience.com/carbohydrates/ 

Biochemistry Clear and to-the-point explanation of proteins: http://www.bozemanscience.com/proteins


General Information and Review Powerpoints for Campbell and Reece Biology 7th Edition. These slide shows are from the version of the text that was used at NNHS until last year. Much of the information is the same, but some has been updated in the new edition. Proceed with caution, and check with Ms DR to find out how current the information is for a given chapter. 


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