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Cool Links

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General Interest: Click this link to join my Newslea current events feed. You'll get occasional notifications of articles that I think you will find interesting. 


Plants: Signal Transduction - It's not just for animals anymore!


Links about the Sister City Project for San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua from Dr. David Gullette.


Evolution: Mary Leakey was one of the most important early paleontologists studying human evolution. This delightful paper animation from the NY Times is an homage to her life and a summary of her findings. 


Molecular Biology: Here's an animation of how HIV has evolved resistance to AZT.


General Interest:  The miraculous substance called slug slime.


General Interest: Art meets sience with microbial masterpieces


General Interest: Template for Brochures


General AP Biology Review: This website has a LOT of AP Bio exam review questions organized by topic. Play around and let me know what you think.


Molecular Biology: These are links to a step by step walk through of transcription and translation.


General AP Biology Review: Biology Corner, your source for ever topic you need to know and understand.


Molecular Biology: Here's a short NPR report about prions and current research.


Molecular Biology: Animated video about RNAi, by analogy with a kitchen.


Cancer Biology: This series of videos is a little dry and a little vocabulary dense, but they give a really good overview of the process of carcinogenesis. Part I is Abnormal Signal Transduction; Part II is Loss of Apoptosis; Part III is Tissue Invasion and Metastasis; and Part IV Angiogenesis.


Plants and Biochemistry: How do we find cool and useful compounds in plants? Very accessibe video from the Science Out Loud series MIT.


Evolution: video of the change in the coat color of pocket mice in Arizona from HHMI


Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems)There is an alternative to fecal transplants for recolonizing the gut microbiome. Beware! This has a very high "ick" factor, but in some cases, saves lives.


Evolution: This is a Radiolab podcast from WNYC about Otzi, the man frozen in the Austrian alps 3300 years ago. Fascinating insights into the evolution of our species 


General Interest: This one os for the arachno-interested, and those who like to get their groove on.


Molecular Biology: The anatomy of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) animation from HHMI.


Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems): Tutorial on cells of the Immune system from Howard Hughs Medical institute.


Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems):  NOVA about contagious diseases and vaccines. 


General Interest: A great little comic about humans' relationship with flowers, from an alien perspective. More geeky laughs. 


General Interest:  Just for geeky laughs. There's a lot of physics and engineering humor, but occasionally there will be something bio-specific.


Ecology and Plants: A glimpse into one of the projects I worked on (briefly) during my sojourn in Australia. Lots of cute koalas in this short video, as well as insight onto some of what goes into conservation ecology research. 


Evolution: Completely wonderful PBS 3-part series on Evolution. Your Inner Fish  with AMNH biologist Neil Shubin (author of the book by the same name). This is well worth the time investment as part of your summative course review!


Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: Introduction to Synthetic Biology from MIT professor Krsitala Prather.


Plants: Plant sommunicate, too. Here's a cute version of a research summary (with links) from Robert Krulwich of NPR.


General Interest: Awesome TED talk about quorum sensing, a capability of bacteria that allowed the MIT 2006 iGEM team to develop their banana and wintergreen-smelling bacteria. 


General Interest: This is just delightful. An irreverent commentary on octopuses from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems): Great podcast about ghrelin and the psychology of feeling hungry.


Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems)A resource, and another, and another elucidating various aspects of the endocrine system.


Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems): Interactive animated insight into the neurological mechanism of action of various often-abused drugs. Thanks to Mr. Greifinger via Karen F.


Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems) A clear explanation of voltage gated sodium channel function in membrane depolarization.


General Interest: Apropos of our discussion of the microbiome and the hygiene hypothesis of the increased prevalence of various diseases, Sam alerted me to this very cool article.


Evolution: Another example of evolution in action -Sympatric speciation and pre-zygotic barriers in the real world! Thanks to Ethan for the URL.


General Interest: This site is the source of many of the animations we have viewed this year, as well as many others that will be of use to you. Most are only a few minutes long. If nothing else, you'll watch them and realize just how much you understand now!


Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems): Our buddy Hank introduces the Immune System.


Anatomy and Physiology (Body Systems): Animated clonal expansion of B cells in the immune system in response to a Strep infection.


Molecular Biology: Here's another mechanism of gene regulation, found by Sasha. The data is new, but part of a growing field examining the role of non-coding and dsRNA.


Ecology and Plants: Thanks to Neel for this link about plant communication. Short, sweet, and intriguing. More miscelaneous videos by these guys are also fun. I've only watched a few. 


Evolution: This is a link to the video, narrated by Niel deGrasse Tyson, that we watched in class on Wednesday. It is a history of  Earth as imagined scaled to a 24-hour clock. It highlights a number of key events, like the oxygen revolution, that are important for you to understand. Pay attention to the last "15 minutes" of evolution of life on the planet. Mind blowing!


Evolution:  Here's a crash course on EvoDevo, the regulation of development as a platform for evolutionary change.


Evolution: A collection of underwater photographs of fantastic evolutionary results. Thanks to Daniella and Kristen in G block for the heads-up!


Evolution: NOVA and PBS have done several great broadcasts about evolution, including the evolution of our species. Check out this one about lice and what the little buggers tell us about how humans and other apes co-evolved with our parasites.


Evolution: Here is a link to the page with short summary videos of each of the major concepts introduced in the PBS Evolution series. They're about 6 minutes each, and excellent.


Molecular Biology: A couple of links to demonstrate that even biotech companies can have a sense of humor in their infinite nerdiness: BioRad PCR ad, and BioRad nucleotide ad. 


Cancer Research: Meljo alerted me to this NYT link describing an experiment with gene therapy in the treatment of HIV. It's perfectly aligned with this week's discussion of  viruses.


Genetics: Pedigree design tool


Cancer Research: The Hallmarks of Cancer articulated in a video interview with Douglas Hanahan (co-author with Bob Weinberg in the pivotal 2000 Cell paper).


Molecular Biology: A walk-through animation of translation showing how the ribosome moves down the mRNA to make room for incoming and exiting tRA's.


Molecular Biology: This is an article with current progress in correcting genetic mutations with potential for human gene therapy


Cancer Research: Daniella in G Block found an amazing article about a video game that when played, contributes to data analysis about cancer genomes. And there is an iPhone version! Make a contribution to science while you fritter away your time.


Cells: Hank Green talks about cell aging and death. Confused about telomeres? Want to meet a round worm with twice the average life expectancy? Curious about lines of research trying to understand what causes organisms to ageā€¦ or not? Check this out!


Developmental Biology: Preliminary results about the creation of pluripotent (able to differentiate into lots of different cell types) stem cells from mature cells in a mouse.


Genetics: Need more practice with all sorts of genetics problems? MIT's SatrGenetics program will provide you with more than you ever dreamed of!


Genetics: NYT article about new research into X-inactivation. This is a great example of new findings leading to more fascinating questions.


On-Line Biology course by one of my favorite Bio lecturers, Eric Lander of MITand his colleagues, including Maddie Jacks's Dad. Open course-ware includes video lectures, reading assignments, quizzes, etc. This is a real University course! Check it out!!


Photosynthesis: Crash Course Photosynthesis with Hank Green, the same guy from the SciShow. Definitely worth 13:53.


General Interest: Crash Course Biology with Hank Green - a series of short videos with the fast-talking host of the Sci Show. These are excellent adjuncts to your reading and other resources. Be careful not to rely solely on this information in your studying for AP Biology.


Ecology: Cool naturalist blog entry about a really adaptive gray squirrel behavior.


General Interest: Science info vignettes in the SCi Show from a fast-talking and entertaining bona fide geek. Everything from rogue waves to narwhals to epigenetic. Clips are short - less than 5 minutes - and fun.


Cells: Animation and explanation of HPV infection and the development of cervical cancer


Science Generally: Mr. Hamel has kindly allowed us access to the very cool document he wrote about how (and why) to graph using Excel.


Biochemistry and Cells TED Ed talk about the living cell "factory"


Cells Fascinating animation of the interior workings of a cell from Harvard University. Take a look at the explanation and see what you can understand.


Biochemistry from The Onion


General Interest Planthopper nymph geared to Jump - first instance of gears in nature. Thanks, Daniella, for the heads up.


Ecology Inspirational TED talk about biomimicry. Kick back and just enjoy the wonder.


Ecology Camouflage craziness! 


Ecology TED talk about ecological changes in Yellowston NP since the re-introduction of wolves in 1995. Awesome ecology!


Exam Prep Open-Response questions from previous AP Biology exams. This site includes scoring guidelines (i.e. what the college board is looking for in the answers) and comments about those answers. There are lots of questions on all manner of topics and question styles.


General Information and Review Great website for all things AP Bio. This is a great way to reinforce what you have read in the textbook.


Biochemistry Clear and to-the-point explanation of lipids: http://www.bozemanscience.com/lipids

Biochemistry Clear and to-the-point explanation of carbohydrates: http://www.bozemanscience.com/carbohydrates/ 

Biochemistry Clear and to-the-point explanation of proteins: http://www.bozemanscience.com/proteins


General Information and Review Powerpoints for Campbell and Reece Biology 7th Edition. These slide shows are from the version of the text that was used at NNHS until last year. Much of the information is the same, but some has been updated in the new edition. Proceed with caution, and check with Ms DR to find out how current the information is for a given chapter. 


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